Seneca VC


We back the best.*

* We believe the best teams are diverse and that founders who get funding should better represent the population overall.


Who We Are

Seneca VC is a startup studio and syndicate that helps very early stage, mission-driven founders succeed.

We believe the best teams are diverse. If you’re a woman-led team, people of color, or LGBTQIA founders, we want to hear from you. No Ivy League degrees required — just bold ideas and an unrelenting zeal to learn and execute.

Seneca VC is named after the first women’s rights convention held in Seneca Falls, NY in 1848.

We’re co-founded by Melissa Zaragoza Moore and Eric Ries. Previously, we co-founded Lean Startup Co. Our advisors are Shaherose Charania, Janice Fraser, and Shirley Schoenfeld. We’re just getting started.